Family Dental Care Inc. can be reached

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5pm by calling

(503) 644-2663


toll free at 1(888) 350-0996 TTY 711

If you are experiencing a health or dental emergency please call 911.

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Please do not use this form to contact us if you are experiencing an urgent dental need or emergency. If it is urgent call your PCD, and if it is an emergency dial 911.

*By using this contact form, I give FDCI permission to contact my personal email.

Dental Satisfaction Survey

After you have filled it out, please ask us for a secure email to submit your satisfaction survey. You can email us at or send us a message in the “Email Us” box above.

We want to keep your information private so this is important. We will send you a secure email. Once you receive our reply then you can attach your completed dental satisfaction survey to the secure email and send it in. We appreciate your feedback!